Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why do I always feel like shit mid-week?

Still anxious/semi-disgusted with myself that I don't speak more Spanish. But, excited that I will be going to visit Francisco's (a Transiciones employee) wife and children. She is home-bound because of polio and a steep hill outside their home. I am going to go to the wheelchair workshop tomorrow morning (I don't have classes tomorrow as my teacher has an actividad related to Dia de las madres) and then go with Francisco (on his motorbike perhaps? :) ) to his home. Part of me is worried that they'll just be like, who the fuck is this foreigner? But John assures me that his wife would really like it. Must remember to bring some banana bread as a gift or something...

I asked Maria if she wanted to go to Chichicastenango with me on Sunday. She is a pious woman and said she couldn't go because of a church event. Poo. I really feel very strongly that she should see more of her country (she is too poor to travel) and I really want to help her do that. I would love to fly her to Boston or San Francisco because I really feel that she should experience airplane travel at least once in her life.

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