Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Plumbing (of all sorts)

Today was the first day of heavy rainfall in Antigua. A mi no me gusta. Drainage doesn’t really seem to have been something given priority to and the sidewalks are narrow enough that if you reach a lamp post you have to close your umbrella, squeeze through the gap and then reopen your umbrella. The other alternative is to step (in my sandals) into the lakes formed in the street. Sucks.
What alarms me even more though is what is being washed away by the rain, down the street, probably over my feet. For some reason, in Antigua (if not Guatemala) it seems perfectly acceptable for a guy to whip out his dick and pee all over the sidewalk!!! I was trying not to vomit when I saw one guy’s urine run down the pavement. I’m not sure I can walk on that side of the road ever again. The dog shit on the sidewalks was bad enough already. Ahhh, how I look forward to returning to poop-free, sanitized sidewalks.

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