Saturday, May 5, 2012

Did I agree to the abortion?

I cannot believe this question was asked in my exercise book: “Esta usted de acuerdo con el aborto?” Wow. 
Walked to the big super-mercado, picked up some cookies and chocolate (I guess the good thing about my meals in Guatemala is that they have been lacking in sugar. No dessert after dinner so I’ve been sneaking in a lot of helado that I bought). Mi familia must think I am terribly spoilt, given all the soda that I’ve been buying and putting in the fridge. The fact that they have Coke Light here has increased the quality of my life tenfold.
Went to Café Condessa to try their supposedly excellent coffee. I think the waitress was ticked off that I only ordered a coffee. It is the first place I’ve seen that offers iced-coffee – I had been craving a cold glass for awhile now. Tasty, better than the watered down Nescafe instant coffee I had been drinking. Unfortunately there was no internet connection that I could access L I think I mentioned it before but it is ironic that Parque Central is a wifi hotspot because there is no fucking way I would sit out there with my laptop in plain sight. 
Maybe this is my lack of adventure, but I have absolutely no desire to wander around the main Mercado which is this 0.5-1 sq block of vendors. It is the thing in Antigua. I’m just not interested in seeing a lot of imitation goods; seen enough of that in China and HK. I’ll pick up some Mayan fabrics when I leave town but right now, I’m just not interested.
I’m not taking many pictures because I don’t want to stick out like a sore-thumb and attract pick-pockets. 

Addendum: I did end up going to La Mercado. It was like a MUCH larger Stanley Market/wet-market in one (these are places in HK). As I suspected, I found it quite uneventful, unexciting and not very educational. Large, smelly, squalid markets housing a mass of humanity are things I have seen a lot of. The tuk-tuk ride on the way back (I didn't walk back) was a different experience though! Holy tuk-tuk, it was wild. I've ridden tuk-tuks before in Thailand but these Antiguan ones put those to shame. The drivers are swerving to get past other traffic, you think you will almost certainly crash into a car/motorbike but the driver brakes at the last minute, all while bouncing up and down in the back because of the zero suspension over very rough cobblestone streets.  

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  1. Honestly markets are all the same to me. Lots of people crowded into narrow streets and selling the local things. Just a source of stress :/ I'll take the less crowded 'normal' areas anytime!