Monday, May 14, 2012

All girly-whirly

First chilly day in Antigua! Chilly enough that a cardigan was required.

It is impossible to convey how shit I am at Spanish. I get the verbs ser and estar mixed up, still, don’t do a good job of conjugating verbs accordingly when it is a plural, and so much more that I don’t remember (exactly). How I miss the days when my brain was a giant porous sponge. Now, it is more like an impervious raincoat, actively rejecting information.
I decided to wear earrings for the first time since my arrival in Antigua, as I had bought a pretty pair in Chichicastenango the day before (my sole purchase – I guess something did come out of the trip). Wow, what a difference just attempting to look like a woman does. Suddenly there were so many more “Holas” than had previously been directed to me. Guatemalan men seem quite forward, quite different to American men, or Bay Area guys at least.

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  1. if it's one of those inexpensive raincoats, perhaps the waterproofing will wear off in a bit!