Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wheelchair workshop visit

Typical Antiguan street - albeit very quiet in the early morning.

 I visited the wheelchair workshop for the first time this morning, basically just being a fly on the wall and observing the process of making a wheelchair. They are in the process of making a children’s wheelchair to bring to Norway. While I admire what Transiciones is trying to do i.e. provide training for disabled people, the capitalist/analyst in me just sees so much inefficiency and waste in the workshop. There are guys who are sitting around basically doing nothing, perhaps cleaning some wheel-spokes,  doing a bit of filing. At least the atmosphere is a very cheerful one – I think these guys really enjoy going to work and being around each other all day. I’m feeling a bit out of the place being the only one with huevos around…
I took a look at the patient filing system they have going. It seems to be working for them and they do have information documented on the computer. I could butt in and try and fancify the worksheet, perhaps make it easier to sort through etc but I am not sure whether that will be a good use of time. I’m feeling a bit down about work ideas. Not sure if I want to hang around here for 3 months helping John out with grants and the like. I’ll reassess after a month, I think.

Transiciones put these on the pavement around Antigua.

This indicates there is a big step that the wheelchair will have to get over.

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