Sunday, May 6, 2012

If you want to donate...

I realised that I never gave people a way to donate to Transitions Foundation if they want to.

Check them out. I see first hand where the money goes to and it really does touch the lives of people who really need it. I see very little waste in the operating expenses. Transitions isn't about trying to half-heartedly help as many people as possible. It tries to take really good care of the people who come for help, and so far hasn't had to turn people seeking wheelchairs away because the Foundation does not self-promote.

With the Prothetics and Orthotics clinic, the foundation can't always meet demand. In that situation, the Foundation identifies people who could benefit the most educationally, vocationally etc. from their device and they really try and get kids who they can raise through the system and get them to graduate from high-school.

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