Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lost in Translation

First day at Ixchel Spanish School. Wow, yo estoy cansado! I am not used to being in class for four hours a day. Mi maestra se llama Silvia. Ella esta muy paciente. I'm also not used to doing homework (Tarea)!

Maria, la comida, is very patient with me, although I tried to say that I don't cook well, but it came out as I don't like your cooking :-( I think (I hope!) she understands that I would never say such a thing!

Walked a little around Parque Central, the main square around here...the usual tourists, vendors, pickpockets etc. It doesn't interest me very much and the walk there and back is quite tiring for me because of the rough terrain. I'm guessing I'm not going to go "downtown" much unless it is for the Farmacia or other supplies.

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