Monday, May 14, 2012

White people are Awesome

Went to Chichicastenango today. Chichi makes Antigua look like Palo Alto. Was about a 3 hr drive there, all for what is supposedly the oldest and perhaps largest market in Central America. I was bored. It was interesting to hear Mayan languages being spoken though and witnessing a Mayan ceremony (a hybrid of Mayan pagan rituals and Catholicism). On the bus I met an older Irish woman. Man, was she great to be with while we were walking through the very crowded/dense market…all the vendors and kids accosted her, like moths to a flame. I, on the other hand, just stood behind her, like I was drafting off her :) I didn’t really get a chance to speak much Spanish because there was nothing I wanted to buy. On the whole, I would not return to Chichicastenango, nor do I recommend it as a tourist destination.  

Colorful gravestones

Mayan ceremony

A less busy section of the market

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