Friday, May 11, 2012


I invited Maria to come to the US (I would pay for her flight) anytime, seriously. But she gets no holidays!! Some people think that the maids in Hong Kong are treated unfairly, but at least they get vacation time each year. I’m not sure if I should ask the Senora myself. I don’t know if she was joking but Maria did at one point say that if she were to go to America there would be no one to prepare food for her son. I told her that was ridiculous. Maria invited me to have a meal in her home. I feel very honoured. She warned me that her casa is impoverished and there is a steep slope leading to it. I am very excited/nervous to ride the public chicken bus, visit a typical Guatemalan home; that is to say, very very poor living conditions.  I’ll be going two Sundays from now. I doubt I will take any pictures though, because I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures of people in that kind of environment, like they are zoo animals.But I am very much looking forward to it with much interest and curiosity.

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