Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hola Guatemala!

Arrived in Guatemala City today and then made my way to Antigua. Guatemala City's airport is big and fancy. From what I gathered of Guatemala City, it reminded me of Jakarta/poorer Southeast Asian cities. Plenty of commercialism, bright ads everywhere, some nice cars here and there, cool looking buses. Antigua is quite different to any other place I have experienced. There are Mayans peddling their wares near Parque Central, tourists visiting the various Inglesias. I was picked up by John Bell, one of the founders, and Rosario, a student at Transiciones who lost both of his arms to a corn-grinder/husker when he was seven. He showed me around town. Met Juan, Hugo...other wheelchair users. Ate lots of fantastic bread from the panaderia. Today is May day so a lot of places are closed. Didn't take my camera out with me so don't have pictures to upload. Everyone has been so nice to me despite my garbled attempts at Spanish.

Walking will be a challenge around here because of the cobblestones and disappearing sidewalks.

My homestay is pretty barebones. I'm staying with a Senora Axa Rodriguez and her cook, Maria. The most complex thing I can say is "Soy Vegetariana pero comer pescado" :) If I have to, I will eat a slab of meat so as not to offend people though, but they are pretty used to vegetarians.

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