Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rain rain, go away

The rainy season is in full-swing, which has made for a rather dull and slightly depressing last few days. The general pattern is that mornings are clear to slightly overcast, and then the rain starts falling in the afternoon, all afternoon and all night and then things dry out the next morning.

I ventured out of the house for the first time after dark last night, with Freddie, a student who is also renting a room in the house I am staying at. He is so young (17 yrs old) but pretty cool for a teenage boy :) We walked to Parque Central, hung out, people-watched, listened to Marimba music...very chill evening but still nice to be out of the house, see Antigua's nightlife (pretty mellow), see structures in a different light. There is a corner near my house which is notorious for thieves so I won't be venturing out at night alone.

I'm kind of going crazy with the lack of other distractions (and I don't really watch TV, although I have been trying to watch CNN Espanol, but honestly, Central American news is pretty boring). Need to find a bookstore or something...I'm guessing Amazon delivery fees to Antigua are outrageously high. It is interesting to think of all the things that one really can do without e.g. next-day shipping for books, a wardrobe full of clothing, the daily cup of gourmet coffee...makes me want to simplify my life a great deal when I return to the US.