Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easy like a Sunday morning

I love the early morning in Antigua. The air is relatively fresh as the smoke from the burning of the sugar cane hasn't descended upon the town. Today (Sunday) was especially nice with everyone sleeping, at church, or whatever they do on Sunday mornings. Later in the day, crowds from Guatemala City will invade the town. Most seem to go to La Mercado.

El Arco. The volcano in the background is what I use to tell me which direction is South (I live on the North part of the town. The day I got lost was when it was smoggy enough that I couldn't see the volcano). 

I haven't grown the balls (or acquired the language skills) to take the chicken buses, old US school buses converted into commuter buses. Even the locals say they aren't very safe (robberies etc) so I'll probably hold off. Perhaps I should stuff some money in my bra (I'm only half-joking).

Went to get my usual coffee at Cafe Condessa and breakfast and Dona Luisa Panaderia...amazing banana bread.

I think I've explored Antigua quite thoroughly. Will try and get out of town next weekend.

I'm happier today because I'm starting to come up with ideas that could be somewhat impactful for Transiciones. It will be very useful for me to find out what exactly goes into the case management of a patient the moment they make contact with Transiciones and their subsequent care. I think patient-intake and file-organization is something they could definitely use help with. I am going to try to get to the hospital sometime this week. I'm preparing myself for a distressing experience, but we'll see.

People always ask me if it is painful for me to be around disabled people and how sorry I must feel for them. FUCK NO. They really are just as human as you and I and I react to them like how I'd react to a friend or a person I met on the street. They really are not asking for sympathy or pity. I wish people would understand that.

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