Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mid-week slump

Tired from a crappy night's sleep, frustrated with how shit I am at Spanish :(

My classroom in a courtyard. Pretty idyllic (when the flies aren't too angry).

Lots of church ruins in Antigua. It was the former capital but when the capital moved to Guatemala City there was no more money for the upkeep of these structures. This ruin is one of the smaller ones on the same street as my school.

The universal "seasoning" (Glutamato monosodico). No wonder my food tastes so good.

Guatemalans drink a lot of this stuff. Ironic that I'm in a country famous for its coffee but it is all exported and we drink Nescafe instead.


  1. Mmmm MSG... Like

    Sounds like your Spanish is getting pretty good! Keep it up!

  2. No fucking way. Es mal...muy mal...

    Yo estudio despacio...