Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ladrones y huevos

It is telling that one of the first Spanish words I learned was the word for thief/ves: Ladrone(s). I think I’ve become a bit complacent with regards to theft of any kind. Very early this morning, I heard what sounded like loud firecrackers and a car alarm go off. It turned out to be a thief breaking the window of the car, which so happened to belong to one of the boarders here. I hope it was firecrackers and not gun shots. I live in a residential, very middle-class neighbourhood that I had come to believe was perfectly safe. Turns out that isn’t the case. I’ve been sleeping with my window open and usually keep it open during the day. Looks like I’ll be closing it from now on. Theft is as common as people sneezing in Guatemala but, for some reason, I thought Antigua was different.
I don’t know much about what is being done with respect to women’s reproductive issues, family-planning. From what John has told me, all these various groups with the First Lady’s Office have their causes but there is nothing comprehensive being done. They don’t have the money for one. It seems that there is a big emphasis on women and children within the NGO’s here but I wonder if they are a group that have been traditionally excluded in Guatemala or whether they are being emphasized to the exclusion of other groups. John was talking about an ex-diplomat who is working on women reproductive issues and he mentioned that she did work with men too, but it would probably be a machete if she had it here way :)
Had an interesting time talking about WWII, Rape of Nanking, and the Civil War in Guatemala with Eferin, in Spanish. Yes, he is very patient. 
 Maria was not around yesterday as she had to attend her son's parole hearing. He is in jail for being an accomplice in a killing. Her life just keeps sounding better and better. 

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