Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is a carnosidad?

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CarnosidadLa pterygium pterygium is a growth or meaty, wedge shaped, in the cornea of ​​the eye. This high growth of connective tissue and usually starts at the corner and extends toward the center of the eye. An outgrowth or pterygium is the result of an abnormal growth process of the conjunctiva fleshy on the cornea.
CarnosidadLa conjunctiva is a thin transparent mucous membrane that lines the back of the eyelid and eyeball. The cornea is the transparent section of the eye which allows light to enter the eye. Because the cornea is transparent, what you see when looking at the cornea is the iris and pupil. The conjunctiva normally extends from the back of the lid over the entire surface. The flesh or pterygium occurs when growth begins to form fleshy conjunctiva over the cornea.
A fleshy or pterygium may grow large enough to cause vision problems.ada to sunlight (ultraviolet rays) and chronic irritation caused by the dry environment, appears to contribute to its development. The flesh or pterygium occurs more often in people who spend much time outdoors, and frequently exposed to sun, wind, dust or adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the flesh or pterygia have a chance to grow three times more among men than among women.
What are the symptoms?
Symptoms of pterygium fleshiness or generally not serious, but can include blurred vision and eye irritation. Patients often complain of itching, burning and wants to scratch.
During periods of growth, the pterygium is swollen and shows a red. The pterygium tends to progress slowly and in many patients, stabilized without causing problems. However, if the pterygium grows over the center of the cornea, there is loss of vision.
What is the treatment for proud flesh?
In the initial period, when the discomfort is mild, you can use lubricating eye drops or artificial tears to prevent drying.

When the discomfort increase is necessary to remove the pterygium by surgery because you can change the shape of the cornea and affect vision significantly.

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