Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update to update

Went to the optics clinic with Maria today but was told we had to return tomorrow because the ophthalmologist wasn’t in today :( This shifts our plans back a day, so now it is the ophthalmologist on Wednesday, the bank on Thursday.  We also went to the hardware store to get an estimate for the building materials needed to retrofit/ reconstruct part of her home: 6850 Q (1 USD = 7.7 Q). That is seven months worth of Maria’s wages. If Maria needs eye-surgery I won’t be able to pay for that and the house repairs, so I’m really hoping she doesn’t need the surgery.
Maria insisted on treating me to an ice-cream afterwards.  It was a delicious figs & condensed milk flavour. There’s something about ice-cream from developing countries that I have a soft-spot (and big stomach) for as it reminds me of the ice-cream I had as a child in Hong Kong. I used to make ice-cream quite frequently, and would give vanilla ice-cream some to Victoria and Andrey, my Ukrainian friends, who loved it because it tasted like “Soviet” ice-cream. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing  :) I was touched that Maria would spend half a day’s wage on me.

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