Saturday, July 7, 2012

Top 10 Things I cannot wait to do when I return to the US

1.  Leave the house after 6.30p and walk around without fearing for my safety
2.  Remove my shoes inside the house
3.  Remove my shoes inside the house
4.  Walk on even, non-cobblestoned terrain
5.  Eat fresh vegetables and fruit
6.  Sleep in a comfy bed
7.  Stop poisoning myself slowly with all the DEET I have been using
8.  Not having to inhale fumes from, clearly non-smog tested, old school buses
9.  Converse in the lingua franca fluently
10. Butter, lots and lots of butter

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  1. Much as I dislike facebook, I wish there was some form of 'like' button here... cause i like this, but I don't think reposting on G+ is what i want to do...