Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Plan

Maria presented me with an itemized bill of all the necessary construction materials needed to fix up her house. Unfortunately, the project I mentioned in my previous post is no longer active. I am pleased that she has listed the items very specifically...I had expected some estimates written on a piece of paper, not an estimate from a hardware store. The plan is for me to go with Maria next week and open a bank account, as she cannot read/write. This was Maria's idea - a good one. I had thought that I would just hand over a big wad of cash and she would find some safe place to keep it, but she says her home is not safe from thieves.

So, some things to do next week:
- Open bank account for Maria
- Go with Maria to clinic for another evaluation/opinion
- Go with Maria to Chimaltenango to get glasses for her.

I feel like I really need to hold Maria's hand and nudge her because she is so used to shitty things happening to her that she just accepts it and gives up easily.

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