Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Progress with Maria

With the help of John, we have found a clinic that specializes in cataract surgery that will do her surgery for free. The only thing that needs to be paid for are the examinations and paying Maria for the time she has to take off work. She makes 50Q (~$6)/day. This is a tremendous opportunity, and I will be upset if Maria is too timid to arrange the time off with Acxa or if Acxa does not allow her the time off. I don't see why she should be opposed to it if I pay for Maria's time off. I'm very determined to see this through though, and can be a bit of a Tasmanian devil if I need to be.

I will be going to the clinic with Maria because she can't read, and try and help out, not that my translation skills are any good. But I want to be there. I am anxious to get her consultation and the date of her surgery sorted out before I leave as I worry that either Acxa will screw her over or Maria will just let this slide because she is too afraid, or too..whatever.

Actually, I just changed the post title from "A bit of hope with Maria" to "Progress with Maria" because I just got back from my house. Acxa was there. Maria was crying quietly in the kitchen while she was washing the dishes saying "No quiero, no quiero". I am going to ask a lady from Transiciones to speak with Acxa as I know things are delicate here in Guatemala and I'm sure I would end up trodding on people's toes (well, the only toes I care about are Acxa's ugly ones).

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