Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Call for Donations

Bad news – Maria needs eye-surgery. Right now, glasses are of no use. The growth on her cornea is so big that it is obscuring her vision greatly, and needs to be removed. The damage is due to over-exposure to the sun. It was a 2-hour wait for the consult but it was worth it, to get this vital second opinion. At Hernando Pedro hospital, because it is very cheap, they just rush patients through and Maria didn’t get the right diagnosis.
We have the name of an ophthalmologist who can do the surgery. This doctor works in a public hospital and has a private practice as well, so I need to find out what the price difference is and how much that difference expedites the surgery date. I’m trying to figure out what words I need to learn in Spanish to do this.
Maria was very upset and crying, understandably. It made me sad and angry that I was the only one to hug her and comfort her, the only person to give a shit. Acxa (the Cruela D’ville of this story) certainly doesn’t. I want to get all this sorted out tomorrow, but Maria can’t get time-off from Acxa on Thursday or Friday…so things will have to wait till next Monday.
I have no idea how much the surgeries (one eye is done first, then a month later, the other eye) will cost. I (but most importantly, Maria) welcome donations. If you would like to contribute and help a wonderful person directly, please send payment via Paypal to:    
I know it is just one person, but she deserves so much better than the hand life has dealt her.

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