Monday, June 4, 2012

Panajachel & Lago Atitlan

I had the good fortune to be stuck on a bus full of US students. Something about a group of loud, obnoxious American students is so off-putting. I pretended not to speak English to avoid talking to them. One of them came up with the brilliant idea of identifying any dog on the sidewalk (DOTS) and winning 10 points each time. So I had to spend the whole bus ride hearing them do this.
The secretary from my Spanish school happened to be on the bus as well, with a student from the school. They were clearly dating and I felt like I had stumbled upon something clandestine.
After arriving in Panajachel and getting a hotel room at the Hotel Primavera I walked up and down Calle Satander. Boring, long street with the usual vendors selling handicrafts, fabrics etc. The only interesting thing was watching the Mayan women set up their stores in the morning from my hotel window. Those indigenous women are burly. Unfortunately my room had a leaky roof. Fortunately, it was over the shower so I didn’t bother trying to change rooms. 

Lago Atitlan is very big but not breathtakingly beautiful as I had hoped/expected. The problem with having witnessed such beautiful sights around the world is the lack of wonderment I have when I see things like this. I’m just not impressed. 

The highlight of the day was hearing the loudest thunderstorm ever. Spent the afternoon indoors due to heavy rain watching Bridget Jones’ Diary with Spanish subtitled. I forgot how much of a crush I have on Colin Firth sigh
Oh, I do appreciate the sense of humour the tuk-tuk drivers of Panajachel have. Lots of them had big stickers like “Fast and Furious” and “Ferrari” stuck on their front window.

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