Monday, June 25, 2012

Como se dice "fate" in Espanol?

"All science is physics or stamp-collecting" - Ernest Rutherford.

Found the above quotation amusing, as I'm reading a book about how non-Western civilizations have played a much larger role and made a far greater contribution than otherwise thought, to the sciences and mathematics.

Things have been fairly quiet here. A lot of people think that every moment must be exciting because I am in a very different country but in reality one goes about the usual routines (e.g. laundry, meals, studying...) as in the U.S.

My Spanish is improving so I am pleased about that. I can now talk in the past-tense, which I couldn't really do a week ago.

Eferin's story made me wonder what his relationship with his friend (the driver) is like, if it exists. Thoughts of "confronting" / meeting Bob, my partner the day of the accident, have entered my mind frequently, more so in the earlier months. I am not sure what would come out of such a meeting and to go in with expectations would only result in disappointment. So I guess, for the moment, I'll leave things as they are. I'm not sure how people with SCIs caused by another person feel about their situation...a wanton whim of the Gods, a fated event, or simply, shit happens. Some people have told me that they think what happened to me was "meant to be" or "for a reason". No disrespect to them, but that is bullshit. What happened, happened because of a confluence of particular events and circumstances. My accident did open up many new experiences and exposed (and continues to do so) me to a world and people I would never have developed relationships with. The vast majority of the guys here at Transiciones are married with families. In the early days, I thought that the option of having a partner or spouse and family had been cruelly eliminated. With time, and incredible support, I'm not so sure now.

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