Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What will I be doing?

Aside from learning Spanish, I will be working for the Transitions Foundation of Guatemala. Matt first made me aware of this non-profit organization, that provides various vocational and educational programs for disabled Guatemalans. Amongst their various enterprises, they have a wheelchair building workshop, a prosthetic & orthotic clinic, special-ed programs and a rather fierce wheelchair basketball team, I think.

Here is a video (dubbed English version) profiling one of the founders, Alex Galvez.

Initially, I will be helping another founder, John Bell, with work that does not require Spanish language skills. Some of my projects will be trying to identify and quantify metrics that measure the benefit of making a disabled person mobile; fund-raising; project-management and logistics around the building of their new factory. Hopefully, once I've got my Spanish mojo going, I'll be able to interact with patients a little bit.

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  1. That was awesome. It was great to see the guy walk away with the new prosthetic leg.